How To Wash A Sweater And Cardigan At Home?

Sweaters and cardigans are quite common, and are a fashionable way to keep you warm. The best thing about these is that they can never go out of fashion. So, it is important to take due care. Another reason to give extra care is that pure woolen sweaters and cardigans are very expensive.

Why wash differently?

If you wash a sweater or cardigan like normal clothes, it will ruin them. If you wash it in a washing machine or even rub it with your hands, the sweater will de-shape and will shrink to a great degree.

Some people also have a misconception, that like human hair they will come back to normal after drying so they put them in the dryer for this purpose. This in turn ruins the sweater even more; the threads turn furry and end up resembling a fur ball.

Step by step guide to wash sweater, or cardigan

With such a sensitive material like wool, it is important that it is washed properly. To help you out, here is a step by step guide to wash these:

• Materials: The first thing that you should do is to collect all the items and set aside so that everything can be done without any necessary delay. The items that you will need are a small tub, hot and cold water, a basket with holes like a normal laundry basket, a mild detergent and two towels.

• Preparation: Take the tub and pour cold water in it, and after doing so add a mild detergent in it and mix it well. Using hot water or a strong detergent can damage the sweater. Then place the basket in the tub in such a way that it is not completely submerged, and can be lifted easily.

• Soak: After everything is ready, take a sweater or a cardigan. Do not wash more than one at the same time, as their color might leak and rub off on the other. Close all the buttons and zippers of the sweater. You can also fold it for better care. Then, gently soak the sweater in the water; as doing it quickly might make the water flow out of the tub. Besides, this will not allow the material to absorb the detergent.

• Rinse: After leaving it for 5 to 10 minutes in the water, when you are sure that it has completely absorbed it, take the basket out. Then, place it in a basket of clean water and repeat it till the water comes out clean.

• Towel dry: After it has been properly rinsed, lay down a towel on a flat surface. Spread the sweater or cardigan out on it, and cover it with another dry towel. Leave it for about two to three days.

• Air dry: Then, lift it and place it in open air covered with a towel until completely dry.

These steps will help you a lot to wash your winter cloths.