Gifts to Give at a Baby Shower

Most new parents to be are excited at the prospect of having a baby. It is traditional to throw a baby shower to share their excitement with close friends and family. The baby shower is a fun gathering, in honour of the baby who is on his or her way. Friends and family traditionally bring gifts to help the new parents with some the costs of acquiring equipment for the new baby,

Baby Shower Gifts

Traditionally gifts are an important part of the occasion especially if the child is the parents first. It is important that gifts are useful to the parents. Ideally the mother to be would have made a list of items she needs for the new baby and slipped it in with the baby shower invites, but just in case she hasn't the list below may be useful.

1. Babysitting Vouchers - Are a great idea if mum is up to her second child. Offer to take the older one out some times, or even walk the new baby around the block so mum can sleep.

2. Cradle - A great idea, a group of friends could get together to put some money in to buy mum the cradle she wants.

3. Bathing kit - Always useful to have on hand.

4. Bed linen - Pillow cases and matching blankets, along with the cover can make a nursery look beautiful. If you know what colour the nursery is going to be it makes a lovely gift.

5. Baby carrier - such as a pram - as a joint present, or baby Bjorn to carry baby around hands free.

6. Baby Monitor - These can be expensive but a great idea as a group present, to give mum peace of mind that she will be able to hear everything going on in the baby's room.

7. Books- Are always great and reading to children every day from birth has proven to be a great bond session for mum and bub.

8. A goodies basket for mum full of her favourite dvds and snacks to help her while away the long hours while feeding.

9. A frozen meal - If you are a handy cook and able to make a great stew for the freezer, the parents to be will appreciate having that to warm up in the first few weeks after the birth. If you are not a great cook, give them a voucher to their favourite take out.

10. A cleaner - Nobody likes cleaning in the first few weeks of bringing a new baby home. Everybody is exhausted and wants to use every spare minute for sleeping. A great idea for a group present is to pay for a cleaner for the first four weeks of the baby's home coming.

Whatever you decide remember mum will be exhausted and anything that will give her time to herself or time to bond with her baby will be appreciated.

Article Source: EzineArticles