The Pineapple diet in Four days

Pineapple fruits rich in many nutrients and health benefits , and perhaps the most important of these benefits , They contain few calories , but a high percentage of water and therefore works as a diuretic ,
 Also contain a high proportion of fiber that facilitates the process of digestion , Add to that the pineapple fruit is rich Albroomalan enzyme that digests all types of proteins as well as its ability to treat infections ,  As well as it helps in the digestion of fatty foods and heavy thanks to the enzyme bromelain , And eating between meals pineapple core works to reduce appetite because it gives a feeling of satiety .

the benefits of pineapple in slimming
The pineapple diet program :

For best results Use fresh pineapple .

- Breakfast: 2-3 slices of pineapple 1 cup low-fat yogurt , a piece of toast toaster .
- Snack: a cup of pineapple juice , a boiled egg .
- Lunch: vegetable soup , with a piece of fish or grilled chicken .
- Snack: a glass of pineapple juice .
- Dinner : chicken salad and pineapple .