Skincare for Cats With Dandruff

One of the more common problems for cats with diabetes is dandruff. One study actually puts this problem at a rate of about 1 in every 200, for cats with diabetes. Here are some suggestions to help with this issue.
The major cause of this problem has to do with nutrition, poor nutrition to be exact. So, instead of buying a bag of some cheap dry food that looks as bad as it probably tastes, not to mention lacks the nutrition that you're cat so desperately needs, look at the bag of food you are purchasing. Make sure it has the nutrition that will help your cat, even if it costs a few dollars more.

Also, you can give your cat food supplements that contain fish oil, which is something that has been proven to help with fixing this particular problem. One good choice is to use canned tuna, because it is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and will start to improve their hair in about a week or so.

Some of the things that might give you a hint as to whether or not your cat is having skin problems would be:

Excessive Thirst
Increase in Appetite
Excessive Urination
Weight Loss
Muscle Wasting
Fur that looks ungroomed
Also, if your cat starts to look like he/she is having weakness in their back legs, things will more than likely be getting worse at this point.

Other things that can possibly cause skin problems would be old age, neutering, cold weather (as it is very drying to cat's skin) and steroid injections. There is also the problem of allergies to consider, as this can also cause skin issues. This could come from many places, for example, pollens, food, different types of cleaners, etc. Because this is a difficult thing to try and pinpoint, it is often recommended that you use natural cleaning products in your home, which would help you to cut down on the possibilities of what may be causing your cat's allergy.

One thing that seems to cause problems for some cats is if they are not strictly kept indoors. Cats that are either indoors and outdoors or just outdoors, at some point will get sunburned and sunburn has been shown to kill the top layer of cat's skin, which will cause it to get dry and begin to flake off. If they are repeatedly burned, they also run the risk of getting skin cancer (much like humans), so if you feel you must let them out, try to do it in the early morning or early evening.

Some other things that could cause problems with your cat's skin, could be something as simple as letting your cat too close to the fireplace in winter, (if you allow your cat to do this it can dry out his skin), also if you're cat has fleas, ticks or some kind of skin disorder as well.

No matter what the problem, make certain that you get it taken care of immediately as it can get much worse and cause your cat itching and discomfort every day that this continues without a solution.

Article Source: EzineArticles