Amanda Bynes Found! Spotted at L.A. Eatery Before Flying to NYC

A week after her arrest, Amanda Bynes has been spotted.

Nearly a week after her DUI arrest and days after her parents told reporters they were unaware of their daughter's whereabouts, Amanda Bynes has been spotted.
The What I Like About You actress was first seen dining at Gladstone's, a restaurant at Los Angeles International Airport, on Thursday night. She then jetted off to New York where cameras caught her at JFK. She showed up with a band-aid on her face.
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Bynes being in New York is a violation of her probation-- she is currently serving three years probation for her first DUI arrest made back in 2012 -- and a defense attorney would tell you that she could face jail time.

On Sunday, Sept. 28, the 28-year-old actress was booked for a misdemeanor after police pulled her over at 3 a.m. when they observed her white Mercedes Benz stopped in the middle of an intersection. The authorities later "determined she was under the influence of an unknown drug which impaired her driving." Her next court date for her current run-in with the law will be in Los Angeles on Oct. 23.