Asmahan - biography : 11/1915 - 7/1944

The great Arab singer Asmahan was the toast of Cairo song and cinema in the late 1930s and early 1940s, as World War II approached. She remained a figure of glamour and intrigue throughout her life and lives on today in legend as one of the shaping forces in the development of Egyptian popular culture.
 A Druze princess actually named Amal al-Atrash, Asmahan came from an important clan in the mountains of Syria but broke free from her traditional family background, left her husband, and became a public performer, a role frowned upon for women of the time.

This unique biography of the controversial Asmahan focuses on her public as well as her private life. She was a much sought-after guest in the homes of Egypt's rich and famous, but she was also rumored to be an agent for the Allied forces during World War II.

Through the story of Asmahan, the reader glimpses not only aspects of the cultural and political history of Egypt and Syria between the two world wars, but also the change in attitude in the Arab world toward women as public performers on stage. Life in wartime Cairo comes alive in this illustrated account of one of the great singers of the Arab world, a woman who played an important role in history.

Asmahan Songs
Shorouq we Ghoroub
al-Khitam Operette (from the movie Intisar Al Shabab)
as-Shams Ghabat Anwarha
ad-Denya fi Eedy
al-Osra al-Alaweyya Anthem (from the movie Gharam wa Intiqam)
Aamel Eah Ashan Ansak?
Adhaby fi Hawak Ardaah
Ana Bent al-Layl
Eedy fi Eedak
Ghayra Magd Poem
Hadaytak Alby
Hal Tayyem al-Ban
Isqineeha bi Aby Anta wa Ommy
Emta Hatearaf?
Ana elly Astahel
Ayna al-Layaly?
Ayyuha Anna'em
Hadeath Aynayn
Dakhalt Marra fi Genenah
Regeaat Lak
Aahedny ya Alby
Alek Salat Allah we Salamoh
Farraq ma Benna az-Zamaan
Fi yom Mashoofak
Magnoon Layla
Kan li Amal
Kelma ya Nour al-Ain
Konty al-Amany
Layaly al-Ons fi Vienna [45]
Layta lel-Bouraq Ayna
Mahlaha Eishet al-Fallah
Nawayt Adary Aalaamy
Ya Habibi Allah
Ya Dirati
Ya Toyour (or Taghreed al-Balabel)
Yally Hawak
Ya Layali al-Bishr
Ya Naar Fouadi